Take Out Menu



MIXED OLIVES marinated w. herbs & pickled garlic (g) (v) (d) 9
BRUSCHETTA w. portobello mushroom, blue cheese, walnuts & rocket 10
RISOTTO BALLS sundried tomato & mozzarella (v)    14
CRIPY DUCK on the bone with roasted vege & orange sauce (g)(d)


CHICKEN FRIED w. cumin, coriander, tomato, olives & crispy soft egg (g) 19
PORK BELLY roasted w. potatoes, peperred cabbage, spring onion, apple 19.9
12-HOUR LAMB chickpea relish, thyme, lemon  (g) (d) 19.9
SLICED GRILLED BEEF STEAK w. salad, tomato, pamerson, salsa rosa  (g) 19
 MOROCCAN SWEET SPICED BEEF TAGINE w. baby potatoes & laban (g)  18.5
PRAWN sauté w. tomato, basil & feta (g) 19.9
SAUTE' SQUID stuffed w.piquillo pepper risotto, creamy saffron & leek sauce (g) 19.9
BAKED GOAT CHEESE w. pepers, oilives, cherry tomato   (v) (g) 18
RICOTTA & SPINACH GNOCCHI with mint & parmeson butter   (v) 19
CHORIZO SAUSAGE braised onion, potatoes, rosemary (d) 19

FRIED CAULIFLOWER w. radish, laban, cumin, mint & argodolce (v) (g)  

Fish of The Day M/P
MUSHROOMS grilled w. herbed ricotta (g) (v) 18
BAKED EGGPLANT w. pesto, parmeson, tomato sauce  (g) (v) 14
                                  Add chicken 19 
HUMMUS w. spiced lamb, pinenuts, parsley, mint  (g) (d) 17

                w. cherry tomatoes, fried cauliflower & olives  (g) (d) (v)

MEATBALLS veal & pork w. laban, lemon & parmesan 18
RED SALAD beetroot, chickpeas, tomato, feta, mint, romesco  (g) (v) 14
GREEN SALAD cress, cucumber, leaves, lemon & oil (g) (v) (d) 8